Monday, July 23, 2012

StrangerHood Facebook Page

Hey everyone, why not take a break from your busy schedule and head on over to Facebook and give it a like and a share.  What happens when you do this?  Not much other than help generate a strong fan foundation for the comics I am working on.  It's just another avenue to find new people who might be interested in comics or more specifically my comics.  Anyway, when you get a chance go ahead and check out Stranger-Hood on Facebook.  I'll have one up for Died and Gone to Hell too, there will be an update for that. Later.  Till then, thanks for everything!

Stranger Hood Facebook Page

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Character Design - StrangerHood

Self explanatory title.  Some character designs by Jonathan Brown for the mini-series "Stranger-Hood" we are working on.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Strangerhood Teaser

Art by Jonathan Brown

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is what I've been working on with Jonathan Brown for the past couple months now.  I'm having a blast corresponding with the artist and hope he is having fun too.  So in case you think I'm just being lazy somewhere with my family and job and whatever else eats away at all my time don't be mistaken.  So without further ado, Strangerhood Part 1 of 5:  Dichotomy.  Cover and the first five pages. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Strangerhood In Works

If you are a friend of mine you know I do a monthly writing thing-a-majig where I just take. Small idea an write it out. It's a good exercise because it allows me to not worry about th length or structure for a script but to just get the characters and the ideas out there and complete. If I like the characters enough and the idea enough maybe I'll try and make something more out of it later. The exercise helps prevent blockage of the writing kind.

So I've compiled dozens and dozens of short stories of the years, vet few of which I've had characters in different ones, but after going through a couple I found that a lot of them could take place with the same characters and make a longer story out of them. So that's what I'm doing. Found an awesome artist who is currently working on the first five pages for a pitch package. His name is mr. Brown... Just kidding but he is a real cool guy and very talented. Anyway it's going to be fun and he's really excited about the arch.

I might have something to show for it soon. Stay tuned

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Survived the Holidays

Phew!  It's been a long couple months but I am getting back on track.  Things that you missed in the couple months I've been gone.  I've gained 10 pounds.  But I lost 50 before that so I'm still in a good position to shed those holiday pounds...but that will be difficult as my wife is no longer interested in simple foods as she is pregnant again.  I just had to finish off the hattrick and go for a third kid I guess.  So needless to say, beyond trying to support my family, raise said family and pursue my ambitions at being a writer I have been a bit swamped.  December for instance was so busy that I might have touched a computer once or twice.

That time wasted as set many projects back though.  Need to get things started again.  I'm back in contact with Karsten on "Hell" that I have leaked some images and info for earlier.  So I need to get back on that and see if we can get some shirts and stickers made to make some money.

I've also found another artist on DeviantArt that is interested on working on a mini series for me called "Strangerhood".  We're just working out the kinks on that, but we'll see how it goes.  And Brock...well I kind of dropped the ball on that.  Had a great artist interested on restarting the project with me but I lost track of time in the past months and never contacted him.  I'm gonna recontact him and see if he's still interested.  Hopefully, I liked his stuff.

Till then, Peace!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lady of the Dark - Etherez

Hey all.  Been a bit, busy what can I say. Anyway, wanted to dump some more images of one of the more important characters of this Graphic Novel I am working on.  This character is really fun to write and with the thanks of Karsten, really awesome to behold.  I really love what he's done with the description.  Still figuring somethings out here and there but all in all she looks great.

Etherez, the lady of the dark.  In the most simplest terms she is like a prison warden.  She is in charge of Hell.  And its a job she absolutely enjoys.  I mean, after all, if you don't enjoy the work you do then why do it for all eternity right?  Inside joke, nevermind.  A little more detail goes to explain that she is the superior demonic entity in Hell that has been charged with the commanding the overall operations of Hell.  Shipping and Receiving souls.  Handing out extra punishment if it is necessary and maintaining a direct link to the Man in the Clouds.  While she was made in His image to instil fear and horror she has an extremely playful side.  But she is capable of flipping her switch so fast that one moment you may be in her good graces and the next you may be in the way of her wrath.  Look for her in the coming Graphic Novel later but for now you can find her on stickers and shirts that me and the artist are working on.  I'll post on that later.  Here are a couple more images of Etherez.

This is a quick sketch Karsten did to see what she could look like sitting on her throne and kind of getting an idea of what her throne might look like in general.

This is a potential sticker.  Not sure about the lettering right now.  Different font and words perhaps.  Will know soon and then post on it and expect to see some purchases.  hehe.

This was a good close up he did for me.  He was playing with the eyes.  Originally I asked for her eyes to be pure white with black dots in the middle but he thought that might be too bland and not portray emotion very well and even specific eye line.  I love the deep black of the eyeball itself surrounding the bright white pupils.  Looks great.  He also had the idea for the jewelry on the horns which I think looks great.  Also really love the work he has done on the wings in general as the first image can show.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Character Sketches for New Project

Hey everybody.  Been a bit since I last posted but not to fret I got some more images to dump on you.  I've really enjoyed working with Karsten so far.  He and I seem to click on a lot of things.  I rarely have to suggest changes to how characters look.  I think he got the female character down sport on with the first go.  Working on some fun merchandise for the story with Karsten as well.  I'll be using them to help promote the story, get some buzz going and start a fundraiser soon for it.  Here's to the future.

Some images of Gerry and Maybelle.  They are a couple and get to go to Hell together, isn't that sweet.  Anyway, enough chit-chat, here are some images.  I think I'm going to put up some of the script soon too to whet your whistles and maybe get some people to spread the word in their own circles about this cool-awesome-neat-super-project that is being made by some hard working independent folks.   *wink-wink*

Gerry's got a nice jacket, don't ya think?  As you can see it is going to be taking a lot of damage as he treks through Hell.  A long arduous trip both for him and his creators.  But no time for sleep.  Got to keep moving forward and get this beauty going.  It's going to be a great time.

Till then, Peace